Cartoon of the Linux penguin as a mechanic, tuning a computer system with a 'WebStorm' toolbox, surrounded by sparks, gears, and wrenches, symbolizing the installation and setup of the WebStorm IDE on Linux.

Installing Intellij WebStorm on Linux

This is just a quick guide on how to install/update WebStorm on Linux, since I always forget how to do it.

TL;DR install latest Version (2023.2.1)

The following commands will download the latest version of WebStorm, add it to the command line and add it as a desktop entry.

cd ~/Downloads
sudo rm -rf /opt/WebStorm-*
sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/webstorm
rm -f ~/.local/share/applications/jetbrains-webstorm.desktop
sudo tar -xzf WebStorm-2023.2.1.tar.gz -C /opt/
sudo ln -s /opt/WebStorm-232.9559.58/bin/ /usr/local/bin/webstorm
echo -e "[Desktop Entry]\nVersion=1.0\nType=Application\nName=WebStorm\nIcon=/opt/WebStorm-232.9559.58/bin/webstorm.svg\nExec="/opt/WebStorm-232.9559.58/bin/" %f\nComment=The smartest JavaScript IDE\nCategories=Development;IDE;\nTerminal=false\nStartupWMClass=jetbrains-webstorm\nStartupNotify=true" >> ~/.local/share/applications/jetbrains-webstorm.desktop
rm -rf WebStorm-2023.2.1.tar.gz

Step-by-Step Installation

1. Download:
Grab the latest Linux version from WebStorm's official site.

2. Access Downloads:

cd ~/Downloads

3. Extract to /opt/:

sudo tar -xzf Webstorm-* -C /opt/

4. Remove Existing Symlink:

sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/webstorm

5. Create New Symlink:

sudo ln -s /opt/WebStorm-*/bin/ /usr/local/bin/webstorm

6. Launch:


7. Remove Old Installation:
(Replace ... with old version number)

sudo rm -rf /opt/WebStorm-...

8. Clear Old Desktop Entry:
Left-click on docked icon > "Remove from Favorites."

9. Add New Desktop Entry:
In WebStorm: Tools > Create Desktop Entry...